All 2018 iPhone models to feature OLED displays


We now have more than two months to go until Apple officially launches the next generation iPhone models. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone and the Cupertino Company undoubtedly has something special to celebrate the occasion. The 2017 iPhone may be the first iPhone model to feature OLED display, paving the way for all iPhones with OLED panels.

Rumors about the 2018 iPhone models have started making their way to the internet. According to the latest sources, Apple is planning to switch to OLED displays on future iPhone models. Specifically, the Cupertino Company will launch three iPhone models with OLED displays in 2018, This goes counter to the previous rumors which claimed that Apple would be switching to OLED displays on its iPhone models by 2019.

This year, Apple is expected to launch three iPhone models including a premium one with OLED panel. The Cupertino Company is rumored to deal with manufacturing issues that may force the company to use the OLED panel on one version of iPhone. There is a shortage of OLED panels in the smartphone market. A lot of manufacturers are struggling to produce OLED panels to meet the huge demand.

Apple has been working on meeting the increasing demand for the OLED units. The Cupertino Company is sourcing OLED panels from the South Korean firm, Samsung. In April, Samsung and Apple signed a $9 billion 2-year contract for OLED panels. Earlier this year, Samsung secured a huge deal from Apple to provide the company with additional 60 million OLED units for this year’s iPhone.

Samsung is given priority access to the equipment required to produce OLED units, while other companies are still struggling with their OLED factories. Earlier this week, sources said that Apple would be investing up to $2.6 billion in LG’s OLED operation to boost the production capacity.

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