2nd gen Google Pixel to come with bezel-free design


Last year, Google made waves by announcing the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. The duo is the first phones carrying Google-branding on the market. Google Pixel and Pixel XL made a gigantic hit when the company launched them to the public earlier this year. While many of users still don’t get a chance to lay their hands on Google’s smartphones, rumors about the second generation Pixel phones have started to make their way to the internet.

According to the latest sources, Google’s next generation Pixel smartphones will likely come with a bezel-less design and a 6-inch AMOLED display. If today’s rumors are true, it seems that Google will follow in Apple’s footsteps to adopt thinner bezels on its future smartphones.

Rumors say that the second generation Google Pixel phones will take some design hints from the current generation models with a curved design, a rear fingerprint scanner and a large camera. However, Google will add some changes to the overall design, removing gigantic bezels on the front and a single camera setup, instead introducing the dual-lens camera and a modern look.

Some reports claim that the XL models will feature a squeezable frame, which is now a fan-favorite on the HTC U11. The new design allows Google to offer a better way to interact with the company’s virtual assistant, Assistant. Sources have recently suggested that the South Korean firm, LG will be responsible for manufacturing the second generation Google Pixel. This is in contrast with previous rumors which claimed that the Taiwanese firm, HTC will be in charge.

Apple is expected to follow the last year’s tradition of launching two Pixel models. Some reports say that Google has been testing two prototypes of Google Pixel phones with code names “Muskie” and “Taimen”. Besides, rumors also say that LG will be manufacturing the larger model. The new Pixel phones are expected to be announced in October this year.

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