5 useful Apple Maps tips and tricks for iPhone


Apple Maps was once a disaster when it tried to replace the reliable Google Maps. Basically, iPhone’s Maps app was lagged behind other competitors in the industry. However, with the release of iOS 10, things have changed.

In iOS 10, Apple Maps gets a big polishing. Dozens of new features that have been added are going to make your daily mapping activities much better and quicker. In other words, Apple’s Maps is finally at point where you can ignore Google Maps.

In this post, we will walk you through five useful Apple Maps tips and tricks for iPhone. Before we get started, make sure that you are now running iOS 10 or newer.

  1. Show or hide traffic

Apple Maps in iOS 10 now allows you to show or hide traffic right within the app. All you need to do is to tap the Info button located at the top right corner to open up the Maps Settings. From here, you simply need to tap on the switch next to Traffic to enable/disable traffic.

  1. Avoid tolls and highways

With iOS 10, you now can avoid tolls and highways using Apple’s stock Maps app without switching apps. It’s a handy feature, as it allows you to avoid long stoppage or rush while traveling. To enable tolls and highways, you simply need to tap Driving Options within the app and toggle Tolls and Highways on.

  1. Share venue address

In iOS 10, Apple Maps allows you to view information about any venue or location. This is a handy feature which ensures that you won’t get lost while traveling to an unfamiliar location. Noticeably, you can now share the location with your friends or someone else. To do this, you simply need to hit the Share button from the information card and choose how you want to share your location.

  1. Use Siri

With iOS 10, Siri can work perfectly with Apple Maps, meaning that you now can get your directions using your voice. To do this, you simply need to say “Hey Siri, take me to this place.” Besides, you can ask Siri to take you to an address or a friend.

  1. View areas in 3D

With iOS 10 installed on your iPhone, you can view areas around the world in 3D. However, keep in mind that 3D viewing is now available for a limited number of cities worldwide. To enable 3D viewing in Apple Maps, you can tap the Info button and then select satellite mode.

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