Twitter now allows you to delete any Direct Messages


Twitter is making an attempt to give more privacy to users who would like to accept direct messages from all people, including those they don’t follow. Therefore, users who now use Twitter on Android, iOS and on desktop, are able to choose to remove a Direct Message.

When you accept a direct message from someone you see the first time on Twitter, that message will be delivered to the inbox. At the same time, that person will know  that their message has been read. On the contrary, if you want to decline that message, you can delete it. As a result, it will not appear in your inbox. Please remember that doing so won’t stop that person from sending you another message. The best way to stop receiving messages from that person is to block that person from your Twitter account.

Twitter has been rolling out new updates and changes for its app in recent months. You can check out the updates below.

New rules in 140 character

On March 30Twitter rolled out a new update which involved inserting @username in replies. From now on, @usernames will not be a part of its 140 character limitation.

Fight against offensive content

On February 7: Twitter introduced updates focusing on cutting down the abusive content on the social network. These updates add several new things such as stop people whose account was suspended from creating news accounts,  eliminate sensitive content and more. Noticeably, it will delete offensive or bad content replies.

GIF Keyboard

On February 6: GIF keyboard feature is now baked into the Twitter app. The update enables users to search and post GIFs from big names such as GIPHY and Imgur on Twitter when they use compatible  keyboards like Gboard (previously known as Google Keyboard) and Chrooma.

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