Apple to launch a 6.46 inch iPhone model in 2019


Apple’s September launch event is just around the corner and we are expecting three new iPhone models from the Cupertino company this year, including a premium iPhone model, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. There have been tons of rumors hinting at this year’s iPhone model ranging from a premium design to high-end specs.

We have started to hear rumors regarding the 2019 iPhone models. Rumors claim that Apple will launch a 6.46-inch iPhone in 2019 that will be sold alongside the premium iPhone 8 successor. Tech experts say that Apple may continue the tradition of launching two iPhone models in 2019. Sources say that the iPhone 8 successor will sport a 5.85-inch display, meaning that Apple will likely remove the 4.7 inch iPhone model from its iPhone lineup in favor of a bigger-screened models.

Some recent reports claim that the 6.46 inch and 5.85 inch models will replace the upcoming iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. That means that there will no premium device in 2019. However, tech analysts say that Apple might announce a new iPhone featuring the biggest screen ever.

This year, the iPhone 8 is expected to be the first iPhone model to feature an OLED display. Besides, the device will come with a lot of impressive features like long-range wireless charging technology, A11 chip, a much-improved Touch ID, and much more.

The Cupertino company officially sent out invites for its iPhone 8 launch event on September 12. Previously, rumors claimed that three new iPhone models will make their debut on September 16. Apple has confirmed that the company will also announce an Apple TV with 4K support and the event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater.

Some reports say that the premium iPhone and iPhone 7s Plus will have 3G of RAM, while the iPhone 7s model will stick with 2GB of RAM at launch. All three devices will have wireless charging and A11 chip.

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