“Today at Apple” website launches globally


Apple is now no longer a company that is selling smartphones, Macs and iPod Touch. The Cupertino Company has been working on other projects to attract more users worldwide. Apple today launched a new “Today at Apple” website that’s designed for its retail stores worldwide. Last month, the Cupertino Company announced “Today at Apple” educational classes at more than 400 retail stores across the globe. Apple’s move see the company’s focus on education and creative classes.

Today at Apple

According to Apple, the new website allows users to sign up for the sessions at its retail stores in the world. Besides, users can view a schedule of upcoming educational and creative classes and events directly on the website. Apple says that the company is offering more than 4,000 sessions each day at its retail stores around the world including a new “Kids Hour” program. Basically, the “Kids Hour” lets users bring their children to Apple’s retail stores to learn more about software.

Besides, the sessions will see performances by high-profile artists at Apple’s retail stores in New York and San Francisco. There are also classes that cover coding, art, design and music for both beginners and more experienced users. Apple says that the company is offering classes designed for those with visual impairments and reduced mobility.

According to sources, most sessions are taught by the company’s trained employees and famous artists, photographers and musician. Besides, programs will vary depending on where you live. However, tech analysts say that most retails stores are expected to see the debut of Photo Walks and Kids Hour sessions.

Education has been Apple’s main focus for years. There are tons of educational apps in the App Store aimed at students. The best part is that most of these apps are totally free. Apple now has more than 400 physical Apple Stores worldwide and the company has been busy expanding the reach of its retail stores to more countries.

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