Apple Maps transit data launches in Las Vegas


Apple Maps strives to improve every year. Apple’s mapping service was once a disaster when it tried to dethrone the reliable Google Maps in iOS 6. Apple Maps has changed a lot since then and it is now at a point where we can ignore Google Maps.

Transit information is one of the highlights of Apple’s mapping service. This is a great feature as it allows users to navigate their roads with public transportation system in a city. Apple is still expanding the feature to more cities worldwide in an attempt to boost user adoption.

Apple today announced that the company officially rolled out transit information in Apple Maps Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the biggest cities in the US. Apple says that transit data feature covers a wide range of metro and bus lines in the city. Besides, the feature also supports public transport system in North Las Vegas and Henderson as well as Carson City.

According to Apple, Apple Maps transit data feature allows users in the Las Vegas area to navigate with public transportation, including the RTC Transit bus lines, Las Vegas Monorail, and Silverado Mainline bus operations. The launch of transit data feature in Las Vegas comes a few days after Apple brought the feature to the capital city of Spain, Madrid. According to Apple, transit data supports a variety of metro options in the city, including the Madrid Metro, and the Cercanías Madrid.

Apple has been slowly expanding transit data feature in recent months. In February, Apple launched the feature in Detroit, Michigan, and Windsor, Ontario, Canada. In May, transit data feature launched in Singapore, allowing users to get directions for a wide range of public transportation options. In April 2017, transit data officially launched in Paris and covers subway, commuter trains, and buses in the city of Paris and the greater Île-de-France.

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