Apple Music to integrate with Facebook Messenger’s new music sharing feature


Facebook is now the most popular social network in the world with more than one billion users. The social network has been trying to expand its business for recent years to earn more profits. Back in 2015, Facebook made its first step into music business with the release of Music Stories. The service allows users to discover and share music from Spotify and Apple Music.

Apple Music integration

Facebook today introduced new music sharing features through the Messenger platform at its annual F8 developer conference. Facebook says that the company will soon integrate Apple Music with its Messenger’s new music sharing feature. Initially, Messenger’s music feature will launch with Spotify. This allows users to share song snippets with their friends via the Messenger platform. To do this, users need to tap on the + button next to the input field. After that, select Spotify and then select a song to share. This won’t require any additional apps to be installed on users’ iPhone.

In reality, Apple Music has been a part of Facebook’s services for a while. Speaking of Music Stories, Apple Music integration has been available since the day one. With Apple Music integration, Music Stories allows users to easily share their favorite tracks from Apple Music to their News Feed.

Apple Music is now offering a similar music sharing feature on iOS 10. Basically, Apple Music features an iMessage app that allows user to share their currently playing music.

Facebook has been continuously working on improving its app for months with new features and improvements. Last month, the social network launched Stories feature in its main app for iOS and Android. This feature lets users post pictures and videos onto their feed, which disappear after 24 hours. Facebook’s latest move serves as the company’s strategic plan to ensure its dominance in the social network market.


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