Apple Pay expands to new banks in Ireland, Spain, France, and the UK


Apple Pay is currently the most used mobile payment service in the US. Apple’s payment service is now accepted by millions of retailers and banks across the globe and Apple is still expanding it in an attempt to boost user adoption and compete with other competitors on the market.

According to Apple, the company is officially expanding Apple Pay to a variety of banks in Spain, France, Ireland, and the UK. Apple says that the company’s mobile payment service is officially supported by American Express credit cards in Italy. In Ireland, the Apple Pay finally hits the AIB, a major bank in the country. Apple Pay was officially released in Ireland in March. At launch, Apple Pay was supported by a limited number of banks in the country, including KBC and Ulster Bank.

Apple Pay has been available in Italy since May 2017. Apple’s mobile payment service allows users to add their credit and debit cards to the Wallet app to make purchases with Apple Pay in stores and online. In Spain, Apple Pay will be expanding to CaixaBank and imaginBank. Besides, Visa will also be supporting Apple Pay later this year.

Apple Pay officially launched in Spain in December 2016 with support for Mastercard and American Express credit cards issued by partner institutions, including Carrefour, Ticket Restaurant, and Santander bank.

According to Apple, the company’s payment service will be supported by Arkéa Banque Privée and Bankque BCP in France following the launch in July 2016. At launch, Apple Pay was accepted by credit and debit cards issued by major banks in the country, including  Carrefour Banque, Banque Populaire, and Caisse d’Epargne.

Apple has been slowly expanding its mobile payment service worldwide. Most recently, Apple launched Apple Pay in Vatican City and Italy. The Cupertino Company is expected to launch the mobile payment service in India and Germany later this year.

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