Apple removes thousands of scam and clone apps from the App Store


Apple’s digital App Store may be the best selling point of iOS operating system. The App Store now has more than 2.2 million apps, making it the second-largest app store, just behind the Google Play Store. The Store allows iPhone and iPad owners to browse and download millions of apps. However, not all of apps on the App Store are genuine, as there are tons of clone and spam apps, which may lead to massive confusion among users. Apple is fully aware of that and the company is taking action on clone and spam apps on the App Store.

According to Apple, the Company has officially removed thousands of clone and spam apps from its App Store. Apple says that the company will reject such apps from being listed on its digital App Store. Clone and spam apps have become common on the App Store, making it much harder for users to find out which apps are 100% official and which ones are not. For example, if you head to the App Store, look for Flappy Bird, there are tons of clone apps.

Tech analysts say that Apple’s move aims to improve the quality of the company’s digital App Store before the final build of iOS 11 releases to the public this fall. In reality, this is not the first time Apple is taking action on clone and spam apps listed on the App Store. Back in October 2016, the Cupertino Company removed almost 50.000 apps from its App Store. This year, Apple puts a focus on clone and spam apps in an attempt to improve user experience.

The App Store gets a complete overhaul in iOS 11 with the introduction of news tabs (Games, Apps, Updates, and Search). Besides, the App Store is now offering detailed information about the app including screenshots, videos and purchase button.

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