Apple Watch shipments to hit 15 million units this year


Apple is now leading the smartwatch market with more than 80 percent market share. The Cupertino Company is selling millions of wearable devices each quarter. A recent report claims that Apple Watch shipments officially hit 30 million units since launching back in 2015. The Apple Watch 2 ranks among the most desired smartwatches on the market, mainly thanks to its stunning look and exciting features.

The Cupertino company is expected to launch the third generation Apple Watch next month. The Apple Watch 3 has long been rumored to come with LTE connectivity, allowing users to make phone calls with their watch. Tech experts say that the launch of Apple Watch 3 will help Apple boost its smartwatch sales in the fourth quarter of the year.

Sources say that Apple Watch shipments will hit 4.5 million units in the last quarter of the year. Overall, Apple will ship up to 15 million smartwatch units this year. Apple Watch has seen a steady growth since the original model was released two years ago. That helps Apple retain its dominance over its competitors like Samsung and Fibit, who have reported their drop in smartwatch sales in recent years.

We have seen an intense competition among big names in the smartwatch market in recent years. However, it seems that Apple and Samsung are now dominating the market, thanks to their strong sales. Other big names like LG and Moto has given up their plan to make smartwatches, mainly due to poor sales performance.

Some recent sources say that the Apple Watch 3 will be manufactured by Quanta Computer, which will help Quanta boost its revenue this year. Last week, sources said that the next generation Apple Watch will come in both non-LTE and LTE connectivity variants. There will be no support for 3G connectivity, meaning that new watch will hit some markets this year.

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