Facebook to launch a video chatting device


Facebook is a big name on the market. The company’s social network is insanely popular out there and now has more than 2 billion users worldwide. Facebook never stops expanding its business to get more profit and boost user adoption.

According to the latest sources, Facebook is planning to launch a video chatting device with a huge display. This is in line with previous reports which claimed that the Menlo Park Company has been working on a new hardware product. Sources say that Facebook’s new chatting device aims to bring Facebook users closer to each other and serves as one of Facebook’s selling points to take on other competitors out there.

Sources say that Facebook’s new chatting device will include a huge touchscreen. Some reports say that the new device may come with a 15-inch display, microphones, and speakers at launch. Besides, Facebook’s video chatting device may feature a personal assistant, allowing users to easily interact with Facebook’s new features.

Some reports say that the new video chatting device will be powered by Facebook’s own OS. However, tech analysts say that Facebook will opt for Google’s mobile operating system, Android for its new hardware product. Sources also say that Facebook’s new device will feature a camera that acts as a scanner. The new video chatting device will likely make its debut in 2018, at the company’s F8 developer conference.

Earlier this month, sources said that Facebook would launch its first smart speaker to take on Google Home and Amazon Echo. The new smart speaker will be released in 2018. Rumors say that production for the smart speaker has already begun in China to meet the huge demand when it launches next year.

Facebook’s new smart speaker will feature a 15-inch display being supplied from LG Display. This means that the speaker will not come with a personal assistant, like Google Home and Apple HomePod.

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