Facebook reportedly launches its own smart speaker in 2018


Facebook is among the biggest companies in the world. The company’s social network is now dominating the market, mainly because of its compelling features and easy-to-use design. Facebook has been busy expanding its business for years to get more profit.

According to the latest sources, Facebook is planning to release its first ever smart speaker, marking the company’s first move into the smart speaker market where Amazon and Google are now dominating. Tech analysts say that Facebook’s new smart speaker will serve as the company’s plan to take on the likes of Google, Amazon, and Apple.

Some recent reports say that Pegatron, a Taiwanese company that focuses on computing and consumer electronics, will be responsible for manufacturing the smart speaker for Facebook and the new device will make its debut in 2018. Sources say that production for the smart speaker has already begun in Taiwan in order to meet the huge demand when the new device launches in 2018.

Sources say that Facebook’s new smart speaker will not be powered by a digital personal assistant, like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod. Instead, Facebook will include a 15-inch touch screen on its new speaker to display photos from your friends and family.

Apple has recently made its first move into the industry with the introduction of Siri-based HomePod. Apple’s new smart speaker mainly focuses on music quality and features an Apple A8 chip. Tech analysts say that the Apple HomePod will be struggling to compete with its competitors, mainly due to its higher price tag. However, the excellent music quality may help the HomePod stand out in the market.

Tech analyst say that the new touch display on Facebook’s smart speaker will help it differentiate itself from its competitors out there. Release date of the device remains unknown, as does the device’s price.

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