Fitbit to launch its new smartwatch later this year


Fitbit was once a wearable market leader and the company seems to have lost its ground to Apple and Samsung on the market.  The company has been trying to reclaim its lost ground in recent years. The San Francisco-based Company has been rumored to work on its smartwatch for the release date later this year.

According to some sources, it seems that Fitbit has given up on production of its next smartwatch models and the company needs more time to get the job done. However, some recent reports claim that things still go according to plan and the company is planning to launch its new smartwatch before the end of the year.

Today’s reports match with what we heard in previous rumors which claimed that Fitbit’s new smartwatch would make an appearance during the holiday season this year. Sources say that Fitbit is also working on Bluetooth headphones, but it remains unclear when the company will launch its new headphones to the public.

Fitbit’s new smartwatch is rumored to heavily focus on fitness. Specifically, the wearable device will feature a lot of health and fitness features as well as GPS abilities. Tech analysts say that Fitbit’s upcoming wearable device will put Fitbit in intense contention with Apple Watch Nike+, which also focuses on fitness and workout sessions. Some sources say that Fitbit is having its upper hand over the Apple Watch because the company has been working on activity trackers for many years. However, the upcoming smartwatch needs something special that helps differentiate itself from other competitors on the market.

According to some recent reports, Fitbit saw a huge drop in wearable sales in the second quarter of the year. The company only shipped more than 3 million units in Q2/2017, leading to a decline in market share to only 15.7 percent. In Q1/2017, Fitbit’s market share stood at 28.5 percent, helping the company grab the number one position on the market.

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