Galaxy Note 8 to feature a dual-camera setup with 2x optical zoom


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 ranks among the most anticipated phones on the market. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note is expected to hit back at critics and recover trust among customers worldwide after the disaster of the Note 7 last year. There is an abundance of rumors hinting at the innovative features landing in the Galaxy Note 8, with most claiming that the upcoming device will come with a dual-camera setup, just like the iPhone 7 Plus.

According to the latest sources, Samsung has been working on improving the camera for the next generation Galaxy Note this year. The Note 8 will feature an upgraded camera setup, promising to offer higher image quality in low-light conditions.

Some recent reports claim that the dual-camera setup will feature much-improved lens that offer impressive photos. If today’s rumors are true, the Galaxy Note 8 will be the first Samsung-branded phone to feature a dual-camera setup on the market. In fact, a dual-camera setup is not something new out there, as Apple has baked the technology into its iPhone 7 Plus.

Sources say that the dual-camera system on the Galaxy Note 8 will include a 12 MP optical lens and a 13 MP telephoto lens with optical image stabilization (OIS) support. This means that the cameras will offer 2x optical zoom with no loss in quality, just like the iPhone 7 Plus.

Big names in the smartphone market are heavily focused on improving the camera system this year. The upcoming LG V30 is expected to feature the largest camera sensor on the market, with an f/1.6 aperture lens. The OnePlus 5 also features a dual camera setup with a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens. This allows for the addition of Portrait mode and a high-quality zoom feature.

The Galaxy Note 8 will be announced on August 23rd at Samsung’s Unpacked event. Sources say that the device will hit shelves on August 24, one day after the debut.

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