HTC releases its own messaging app in the Google Play Store


HTC is slowly coming back to business following a huge drop in smartphone sales in 2016. According to some recent reports, HTC reported the highest smartphone sales in June this year, all thanks to the increasing popularity of the company’s recently-launched U11. HTC is investing heavily in other sectors to get more profit this year.

HTC has been working on its own messaging app for years, and the company is now ready for the launch event. The Taiwanese firm has recently released its messaging app called HTC Messaging in the Google Play Store. This is not the first time we are seeing a smartphone maker release its own app in the Google Play Store. Last week, OnePlus, the Chinese smartphone maker, launched its custom Weather app, and the app has started making its way to the Google Play Store. Users can get the app via the newest OxygenOS updates.

According to HTC, the company’s messaging app is now available in the Google Play Store so users can head to the Store and download the app. Tech analysts say that HTC’s move allows users to update the app directly through the Google Play Store, instead of performing a full software update.

HTC Messaging allows users to send group messages and back up their text messages. Besides, HTC says that users also can restore their text messages if in case they are setting up a new device. Noticeably, users can block contacts rightly in the app.

The release of HTC Messaging will put the company in contention with other competitors on the market, like WhatsApp, Messenger or Skype. Tech analysts say that HTC has a lot of work to do to make the messaging app stand out on the market. Last week, sources said that Amazon would launch its messaging app called Anytime with a focus on group communication and photo sharing.

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