Instagram now allows you to block offensive comments


Instagram is insanely popular out there. Facebook-owned photo-sharing service allows users to share pictures and videos, and broadcast their videos to your followers. Instagram is getting better and better over time with the introduction of new exciting features. Last year, the social network introduced Stories, a great feature that allows users to share multiple photos and videos at the same time.

According to Instagram, the company has just introduced a new tool in an attempt improve user experience. Specifically, the tool automatically blocks offensive comments from photos and videos. Instagram also says that the social network will automatically block spam comments in the app. This is a long-awaited addition, as Instagram has long been criticized for being a ground of spam and offensive comments.

Instagram says that its new Hide Offensive Comment tool is rolling to all users worldwide, and it will start with English support with more languages to come in the coming months. The automatic spam detection tool will support up to 9 languages at launch including English, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Russia, Arabic, Spanish, and Japanese.

Instagram has been working on a number of new features for its mobile app. Last week, Facebook-owned social network claimed that the company has been developing a new way to share photos and videos with select friends. In March, Instagram rolled out a new feature called Archive that allows users to temporarily hide posts. According to Instagram, to hide posts, users need to tap the three dots next to their posts and then select the archive option. To access an archived post, users can head to their profile page and hit the clock icon.

Last week, Instagram announced that its Stories officially hit 250 million daily users, up from 200 million reported in April. This means that it took Instagram only two months to add additional 50 million.

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