iPhone 8 to come with 10W USB-C wall charger


We now have three months to go until the launch of the next-generation iPhone models. 2017 is a big year for Apple, as the company celebrates ten years of iPhone, and the Cupertino Company undoubtedly has something major planned to celebrate the special occasion. Most rumors say that Apple will launch up to three iPhone models this year including a high-end model with premium features.

According to the latest sources, the premium iPhone 8 will come with a 10W USB Type-C wall charger in the box. Today’s sources match with the previous rumors which claimed that the OLED-equipped iPhone 8 would come bundled with a lighting connector with USB-C Power Delivery for fast charging. Sources also claim that Cypress Semiconductor, an American company specialized in semiconductor design, will be providing Apple with USB-C Power Delivery chips and 10W power adapter used for this year’s premium iPhone 8 models.

Tech analysts say that Apple will include a Lighting-to-USB-C Cable in the box. However, rumors claim that the Cupertino Company has been working on a way to allow users to connect their iPhone models without the need for a dongle.

There have been tons of rumors regarding the premium iPhone 8 this year. Earlier this week, sources said that Apple’s main supplier, Samsung is facing issues producing the OLED displays for the upcoming iPhone. Besides, some reports claim that only 3-4 million units of iPhone 8 will be ready for this year’s release.

Apple is expected to ship between 50-60 million iPhone 8 units this year. However, sources say that Apple is having manufacturing issues that may force the company to push back the launch date to October or November this year.

The premium iPhone 8 will come with a radical redesign, a much-improved Touch ID, OLED display, long-range wireless charging and 3D revolutionary camera.

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