iPhone 8 to come with 3GB of RAM


We are now so close to Apple’s annual September event where the Cupertino company is expected to announce the next generation iPhone models. Most rumors out there claim that there will be three iPhones this year, including a premium device and two standard iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus.

Rumors regarding the next generation iPhone models have made its way into the internet for months ranging from a brand new design to impressive features. However, rumors are just rumors and we all need to wait until an official announcement is made.

According to Ming-Chi-Kuo, who is best known for giving his accurate forecasts when it comes to Apple’s upcoming devices, the premium iPhone 8 will come with 3GB of RAM, just like the iPhone 7s Plus, while the 4.7 inch iPhone 7s will have 2GB of RAM. This comes as no surprise for tech experts worldwide, as Apple is rumored to increase the RAM on its upcoming iPhone models.

Previous rumors claimed that the premium iPhone model might come with 4GB of RAM for better multitasking performance. However, it seems that Apple has ditched that plan and decided to use 3GB of RAM on the premium device. According to Kuo, all three 2017 iPhone models will offer faster DRAM speeds and much better graphics-handling performance thanks to iOS 11.

We have heard a lot of rumors regarding the premium iPhone 8 recently. Some rumors claim that the high-end model will make an appearance on September 15 and launch to the public on September 22. Other rumors say that the iPhone 8 will have 64GB of native storage at launch this year, and there will be also a 512GB model.

According to some reports, the premium iPhone 8 will not have Touch ID this year due to manufacturing issues. Apple may adopt iris scanner or face recognition system to unlock the phone.

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