iPhone 8 to come with minimal bezels


We are now two months away from the launch of the iPhone 8. 2017 is a big year for Apple, as the Cupertino Company celebrates 10 years of iPhone. There is no doubt that Apple is planning something special for its September launch event this year to celebrate the occasion.

Most rumors out there claim that Apple will launch three iPhone models this year. This seems plausible, as the company has released three new iPad models so far. There have been tons of rumors regarding Apple’s premium iPhone. Besides, we have seen a good number of iPhone 8 prototypes on the internet.

According to the latest prototype that has been circulating around recently, the upcoming iPhone 8 will come with minimal bezels, which matches with previous rumors and expectations that the high-end iPhone 8 features bezel-less design, just like the recently introduced 10.5 inch iPad Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The premium iPhone 8 is expected to come with OLED display, making it the first iPhone model to feature more power-efficient OLED panel. Apple has been sourcing key components for this year’s iPhone 8 from Samsung Display and LG Display. The South Korean firm is currently providing Apple with more than 90 million OLED units.

Apple has long been rumored to introduce a brand new design on the high-end iPhone 8 following the disappointing iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sporting the same design with the iPhone 6. Most rumors say that Apple is dealing with manufacturing issues related to integrating the fingerprint scanner underneath the OLED display. This may force Apple to move the fingerprint sensor to the rear of the phone. This year, Samsung’s  decision to move the fingerprint scanner to the back of the phone has been met with a huge wave of controversy, so it seems plausible that Apple doesn’t want to make the same mistake that Samsung has made.

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