iPhone 8 to enter mass production in the third week of September


We are now so close to the unveiling of the next generation iPhone models. Apple has long been rumored to announce up to three new iPhone models at its annual event in September. However, nothing is officially now and we all need to wait until Apple makes its announcement next month.

Rumors regarding Apple’s premium iPhone model have been circulating around for several months. Most rumors and reports claim that the high-end iPhone model will make its debut later than Apple’s usual time-frame, due to the fact that the Cupertino company is having a lot of manufacturing issues related to integrating the fingerprint scanner under the OLED display of the premium device.

According to the latest sources, the premium iPhone model will enter mass production in the third week of September. However, the device may not come with Touch ID, meaning that Apple may adopt a different security measure to unlock the device this year. Some recent reports have suggested that Apple will include face recognition system on its premium iPhone this year because the company has given up its plan to build a fingerprint sensor directly into the display.

Tech experts say that Touch ID will not make its way into the OLED display of the premium iPhone 8, mainly due to technology limitations. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus were widely rumored to feature an in-display fingerprint scanner this year. However, it was nowhere to be found at launch event back in March. Analysts say that Samsung will include an in-display fingerprint scanner on its Galaxy S9, which is set for 2019 release.

Sources say that iPhone 8 shipments will hit only 4 million units when it launches to the public in September and  up to 35 million units by the end of the year to meet the huge demand.

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