iPhone 8 with OLED display could boost OLED adoption


It’s been ten years since the original iPhone was released to the public. To celebrate the occasion, Apple undoubtedly has something special. The Cupertino Company is expected to launch up to three iPhone models this year including a premium model. The high-end iPhone 8 marks the first iPhone models to feature OLED displays, which are brighter and more power-efficient than the LCDs display found in the current iPhone models.

According to the latest sources, Apple’s move to use an OLED panel on the upcoming iPhone 8 will likely boost the panel’s adoption among smartphone makers in the world. Tech analysts say that OLED panel’s adoption will reach 50% by the end of 2020. In reality, Apple is not the first smartphone brand to use an OLED panel on its phones. Samsung is currently baking OLED panels into the company’s lineup of smartphones.

Sources say that a number of Chinese smartphone makers are planning to set up new plants to produce OLED panels for their future phones. However, tech analysts say that they will be struggling to meet the huge demand due to shortage of OLED components. Samsung is now the number one OLED manufacturer out there. The South Korean firm is now supplying OLED panels for almost all smartphone brands.

Apple has been sourcing OLED panels from Samsung Display. Earlier this year, Samsung Display secured a $4.3 billion contract from Apple to provide up to 60 million OLED panels for this year’s iPhone.  LG Display is believed to join Apple’s supply chain to provide OLED displays for the premium iPhone 8. However, short supply may prevent LG from being a tough rival that poses challenge for Samsung. Tokki, a Canon subsidiary, is now responsible for producing the equipment required for OLED, and the company is giving Samsung a priority access to all of them.

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