iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle discontinued


Back in 2005, Apple announced iPod Nano, the portable media player that changed how we listened to music. iPod Nano quickly gained its popularity among users and tech experts worldwide, mainly thanks to its portability and beautiful display. Later that year, Apple officially unveiled the iPod Shuffle, the first iPod that used flash memory. The iPod Shuffle went through several generations and models, and still ranks among the top choice for enjoying music tracks.

However, the glory days of the two iconic portable media players are long gone, and it’s time Apple launched something special to replace them. The Cupertino Company has officially removed the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle from its website and online stores worldwide, marking the end of the classic portable media players. Apple has announced that the company will still continue to sell its iPod Touch at both online and retail stores worldwide with new pricing tiers.

Apple has recently adjusted its iPod Touch storage and prices in an attempt to boost user adoption worldwide. Users now can get the 32GB iPod Touch for $199 or 128GB model for $299 in the United States. The iPod Touch is now available in six color options, including Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Pink, Blue, and Red.

Apple is still selling the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle at many Apple’s retail stores and authorized resellers worldwide, but things are going to change in the coming months. Users now can grab the 16GB iPod Nano at $149, while the iPod Shuffle costs only $49 in the US. If you are a big fan of Apple’s iconic media players, get them now before they are gone for good.

It’s been almost seven years since Apple last updated its iPod Shuffle. So it seems plausible that Apple has decided to discontinue its media player to make way for modern devices.

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