Nvidia releases beta Pascal GPU drivers for macOS

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Nvidia is a big name in graphics processing unit market. Nvidia’s graphics cards power a large number of PCs in the world. Earlier this month, Nvidia announced that the company would release its new beta Pascal drivers for the Mac. True to its words, the GPU maker today released the first beta of its Pascal drivers for macOS, making way for its latest GTX 10 Series to make its debut on a Mac.

Nvidia GPUs has not powered Apple’s Mac computers for years, but the GPU maker maintains support for the Hackintosh community by releasing web drivers. In reality, Nvidia never mentioned that it would release web drivers for the Hackintosh community, so today’s announcement will likely come as a shock for Mac users.

According to Nvidia, its new web drivers will support all its Pascal-based GPUs for the GTX 1050 graphics card models or newer. For Mac users, they can download the drivers from Nvidia’s servers. Nvidia says that users only need to download one web package to their machines, as its web driver package supports all Pascal-based GPU products.

Earlier this month, Nvidia launched its new graphics card, the Titan Xp, the world’s most powerful graphics processing unit. The Titan Xp is a Pascal-based GPU that comes with more cores, faster clocks and faster memory compared to its predecessor.

Nvidia first released its powerful Titan X graphics card models back in 2015. Last year, the GPU maker decided to refresh its Titan X series by releasing its new Titan X with dozens of enhancements over the original model.

According to tech analysts, these new drivers are good news for Mac users who want to get a taste of Pascal-powered GPUs, but this doesn’t mean that Apple is working to bring Pascal-based GPUs in its upcoming Macs. Apple’s recently-unveiled Macs are powered by Intel’s and AMD’s GPUs for graphics performance tasks.

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