Premium iPhone 8 to be announced in September


Apple iPhone 8 has been the subject of endless rumors and speculation. The Cupertino Company is expected to introduce up to three iPhone models this year including a premium iPhone 8, an iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. There have been a lot of rumors circulating about what Apple will include in its next iPhone ranging from a brand new design to compelling features and better camera.

According to the latest sources, Apple’s premium iPhone 8 could be introduced at this year’s September event and ship in October. This runs counter to what we heard in previous rumors which claimed that Apple may push back the release date of the high-end iPhone to October or November this year.

However, in March, a report claimed that the premium iPhone 8 would launch in September, but in very limited quantities. With so many contradictory rumors, it’s pretty difficult to tell exactly when Apple will be unveiling the premium iPhone model this year.

When it comes to new features and changes, the high-end iPhone is expected to come with a revolutionary 3D camera and support for VR technology. In reality, Apple has long been rumored to work on its 3D technology for years. Back in 2013, the Cupertino Company purchased Israeli 3D sensor company PrimeSense in an attempt to work on Apple’s 3D-related projects.

According to Ming-Chi-Kuo, who is best known for his accurate forecasts when it comes to Apple products, the premium iPhone 8 will feature a new camera setup with support for 3D selfies, 3D modeling and AR features. An iPhone 8 with AR support is possible, as the Cupertino Company introduced ARKit at WWDC  2017, allowing developers to build compelling AR content. This could pave the way for AR support on this year’s iPhone.

This year, Apple has unveiled up to three new iPad models including a cheap 9.7 inch iPad, a 10.5 inch iPad Pro and a refreshed model of the current 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

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