Samsung beats Apple to finish first in US market share


Samsung is now the world’s largest smartphone maker. Last year, the South Korean firm shipped more smartphones than any other manufacturer out there. Samsung’s smartphones cover all categories on the market, helping the company sell hundreds of millions of smartphone units in 2016.

Samsung’s Galaxy lineup of smartphones are among the best desired phones on the market. In the US, the South Korean is doing pretty well in the business. The recently-launched Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are widely welcome by users and tech experts in the US, with most of them praising the device’s premium design and compelling features.

According to the latest report, Samsung officially surpassed Apple to become the number one smartphone maker in the US for a three-month period ending May 2017. The South Korean firm captured up to 36.2 percent market share, a slight rise compared to the 32.9 percent market reported in the previous quarter. Samsung’s main rival, Apple has a market share of 34 percent in the same period of the year.

Tech analysts say that Samsung’s great success in the US market comes from the launch of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The new pair made a gigantic hit when it launched in the US, and quickly sold out at retailers across the country.

However, some reports say that Samsung reported a slight decrease in market share when compared to the same period last year. Apple iPhone 7 retained its number one position as the bestselling smartphone in the US during the three-month period ending May 2017. The Galaxy S7 finished in third place, while the Galaxy S8 grabbed the fourth position in the US.

Samsung has been trying to bring their smartphones to China, the world’s second largest smartphone market. Huawei is now dominating the local market with a market share of 28.3 percent, while Apple has seen a steady growth in smartphones sales in the country.

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