Steps to create events with iPhone Calendar app


Creating events and sharing them with contacts on your iPhone calendar are extremely useful at work because not only your partners can easily follow upcoming plans but also these plans will be consolidated effectively.

With our below step-by-step guide, it is very simple for you to send iPhone calendar invites to a group of contacts using your iPhone calendar app right after your events are created. Specifically, the Calendar App on iPhone will allow you to specify a time, place, or mode of transportation, as well as alerts.

How to Create Events with iPhone Calendar

Step 1: First off, you have to open your iPhone calendar

Step 2: Then, while you are in the monthly calendar view. you need to tap once to choose the date of your event, followed by tapping the plus icon on the upper right hand corner

Step 3: Next, type in the name of your event and location

Step 4: Once you are done, you need to choose the start and end times of the event

Step 5:You can choose Travel Time and toggle the Travel Time button to green and then select your approximate travel time

Step 6: To move up, you need to set an alarm for your event by tapping Alert and choosing how far in advance you wish your alarm to go off

Step 7: Finally, tap Add in the upper right hand corner and you are done.

How to Share Calendar Event via iCloud

After you have completed your new calendar event, it is possible for you to share the calendar event with the added contacts. Take notice that adding contacts means that you invite them to your event, so they can choose to accept or decline your email. When they choose Accept or Decline, you will be notified. You can view their responses in the Event section in Calendar app.

Step 1: As soon as a new event is created, you need to tap Invitees

Step 2: After tapping the plus sign in the upper right-hand corner, you can explore a list of all your iCloud contacts. Now, you can enter a name or browse through your contacts until you locate your desired contact

Step 3: You need to tap Done in the upper right-hand corner to stop adding Invitees to your event

Step 4: Finally, you simply tap Add in the upper right-hand corner.

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