Touch ID to be Integrated into iPhone 8 Display


Just a half of a year left, Apple will introduce its latest iPhone 8 worldwide, but until the arrival date, there is a lot of back-and-forth going on.

While all of your attentions are paying for the display of Apple’s upcoming iPhone flagship, a report about the Touch ID has recently been revealed. Coming back to the February, there was a report said that Apple would change the place of Touch ID, and would instead use the facial recognition for security purposes.


Since then, there have been rumors saying that Apple might put the Touch ID sensor at the back of the phone, and the delays of the production and design early in the year due to the fact that Apple can’t make the integrated Touch ID sensor, which would be placed on the front of the handset like they now want.

However, according to the latest report from iDropNews, citing information from Foxconn sources, suggests that Apple isn’t quite settled where to put the Touch ID yet.

The report says that Apple is currently working on two different prototypes, but the company is tending toward launching the iPhone 8 with Touch ID integrated into the display, so can expect to see an integrated design land on store shelves later this year.


The report also states that the iPhone 8 will boast 4mm bezels around the entire edge of the display and “2.5D contoured glass covering the screen on top. The glass design is also said to be brought onto the back of the new iPhone this year. The report also suggests the power button will be a large button coming with two points of contact. Lastly, the selfie camera will reportedly be hidden under the display and invisible.

At this point, if Apple can make an iPhone 8 as similarly as what the rumors are painting, it will absolutely be an impressive smartphone.

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