Twitter launches new update for its Apple TV app with 360 degree video support


Twitter is now one of the most popular social networks in the world. Twitter has been working on improving its app for months. In February 2017, the social network launched new filters to remove low-quality and abusive contents from the timeline and from search to win back its users worldwide. Twitter says that the company will launch new steps to prevent users who has been banned for harassing replies from creating new accounts.

Twitter today launched an update that brings support for live, 360 degree video to its Apple TV app. Last year, the social network introduced new Apple TV app for streaming live video. Basically, Twitter’s new app lets users watch premium video content including NFL Thursday Night Football.

According to Twitter, the new Apple TV app update allows users to use the Siri Remote to move around 360 degree videos. Twitter also says that Twitter marks the first Apple TV app that supports 360 degree videos on the market. According to sources, 360 degree video will be available from Twitter’s partnerships such as Viacom, Live Nation and more.

Twitter’s TV applications have gained their popularity since they made their debut last year. The apps are now available on Xbox One, Fire TV and Roku. According to Twitter, the company reported over 75 million hours of live user-generated video broadcast on the social network earlier this year. Twitter says that live video content is also available for its Periscope app, and users can use Periscope Producer to stream live in 360 degrees.

The latest version of Twitter for Apple TV also comes with support for the Periscope Global Map. Basically, the new feature allows Apple TV users to view a video based on where that video was shot. Besides, users can locate and view user-generated content from its Periscope app. According to Twitter, Apple TV users can update the Twitter app to get these exciting features.

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