Uber will charge you more depending on where you are traveling


Uber now is one of the most popular transportation services in the world. The ride-sharing app has its footprint in more than 500 cities across the globe. Basically, with Uber app installed on your iPhone, you can call for a ride or get the food you want from your favorite restaurants. The company generally charges users based on their trip’s distance and duration. However, things are about to change in the coming weeks.


According to Uber, the company is planning to charge riders extra if they are traveling along high-demand routes. Tech analysts say the Uber’s move aims to make more money in business this year following a drop in revenue last year.

The company has been working on rebuilding its image for months following last year’s fiasco. Back in 2016, Uber was heavily criticized for being a ground of gender discrimination and sexual harassment. A lot of customers cancelled their accounts in just one week. According to Uber, the company will use AI and machine learning techniques to determine if riders are willing to pay extra to travel high-demand routes.

Uber says that the app will let users know how much they are going to pay before they take the cab. The company states that the company is rolling out its new route-based pricing to more than 10 cities in the United States.

Uber has been working on improving its app for months to attract more customers worldwide. Uber’s biggest rival to ride-sharing service, Grab is expanding its service in more regions in the world. Uber is shifting its focus on Southeast Asia following the departure from China last year.  The Company is hiring more drivers and engineers in the region. Sources say that Uber is planning to introduce new technologies and double staff for its move in Southeast Asia this year.

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