WhatsApp hits one billion users per day


WhatsApp is now one of the most popular messaging services in the world. Facebook-owned social network allows users to make voice calls, video calls, send text messages, GIFs, audio files, and much more. Last year, WhatsApp announced that its messaging service officially hit one billion users only two years after Facebook acquired it in 2014. WhatsApp had more than 400 million monthly active users before the acquisition, so it took two years to get the double.

According to WhatsApp, its messaging service is officially used by over one billion active users every day, making WhatsApp an unbeatable competitor on the market. Facebook today says more than 50 million messages are sent on WhatsApp on a daily basis. Earlier this year, the company announced that WhatsApp had more than 4 billion photos and 1 billion videos being shared every day on the app.

WhatsApp has also announced that the messaging service now has 1.3 billion monthly active users, up from the 1 billion mark reported back in 2016. Tech analysts say that WhatsApp’s great success lies in its easy-to-use design, high level of security, and compelling features. WhatsApp now includes support for more than 60 different languages with more to come in the future.

WhatsApp ranks among the list of Facebook’s top services. With the one billion mark, WhatsApp officially joined Messenger and Google’s YouTube in the billion user club. Tech analysts say that Facebook-owned social network, Instagram will soon enter the club, as the photo-sharing service recently hit 700 million users worldwide.

Facebook is doing pretty well in the business. The company has been busy improving its app in recent years. Facebook has been trying to bring its messaging apps to the developing world. Menlo Park-headquartered Company has recently optimized its app for cheap Android smartphones and low internet connections. Facebook now has 2 billion users worldwide. The company added over 700 million users in Asia, while it only got an additional 41 million in the US.

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